Small Firm Lunch and Learn Series

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Lunch and Learn

The Practice Management Advisory Service of the D.C. Bar presents the Small Firm Lunch and Learn Series. Each program in this series will explore a topic of particular interest to members who are starting, managing, or growing law firms in the District of Columbia. Most sessions take place from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the D.C. Bar (901 4th Street, NW) and are free to Bar members and their staff. This is a brown bag event. Attendees may bring their own lunch. Beverages are served.

In addition to registering online, you may also email [email protected] to register for all events.


Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the D.C. Bar has decided to take precautionary measures to protect our members, our staff, and the community we serve. Beginning March 16, key Bar services will only be available online via videoconference.

Past Events

April 15, 2021 - Departing Employees, Data Theft, and Digital Forensics

Presented by Michael Maschke and Brandon Barnes of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

When previous employees take confidential corporate data (and more than half of them do!), valuable intellectual property may end up in the hands of a competing company or be used as an advantage when former employees start their own firm. From attached USB devices to Dropbox/file sharing websites, come and learn the ways digital forensics is being applied to investigate employee data theft.


April 22, 2021 - Office On-Demand| Flexible Law Office; The New Normal

Presented by Grace Maupin of Carr Workplaces

This unique program will highlight novel ways to manage and grow your solo or small practice while promoting post-pandemic sustainability for your business.

With more litigation happening than ever, D.C. Bar members will learn about Carr Workplaces' professional business solutions to teleworking and discover in-depth how lawyers use services on-demand and have adapted while servicing clients both remotely and also in-person during a pandemic.
Program Highlights:
About Carr Workplaces – Running a successful flexible law office means trusting your team. Discover why Carr Workplaces, has been entrusted to serve hundreds of the DC legal community members for the last 13 years.

*D.C. Bar Members receive a 20% discount on CW membership services.*

Flexible Law Firms – This pandemic demonstrated that the legal community could be, at once, nimble, mobile, and successful. Learn how our on-demand virtual plans can be customized to meet your firm's needs, whether you are 100% remote or embracing a hybrid-flex approach.

Virtual Memberships – With solutions ranging from using a D.C. mailing address to enjoying a dedicated private suite - we will demonstrate how to scale your law practice while managing legal costs and risks. We will demonstrate how our offerings ensure you grow in the right direction as we transition out of this pandemic and beyond.

Legal Support – Carr Workplaces has customized its service offerings to support firms. Members can take advantage of the following on-demand services:

  • On-site or virtual Notary Public
  • Administrative support 
  • Deposition services 
  • Court reporting 
  • Printing, binding, and document duplication
  • Local and overnight courier services
  • Court filings services
  • Virtual IT Support

Health & Safety in the Workplace – Carr Workplaces prioritizes our clients' and team members' health and safety. Learn more about how we have modified our spaces and implemented new measures to ensure our clients' and guests' well-being.


April 29, 2021 – QuickBooks Online Crash Course (Attorney Edition)

Presented by Manny Cosme of CFO Services Group

In a hurry to start using QuickBooks Online? Learn the top three things you need to start using QuickBooks RIGHT NOW. This presentation is designed to help small business owners take the first step in getting their finances in order. Special emphasis will be placed on using QuickBooks to help attorneys manage client retainers in their IOLTA account.

Participants will learn how to do the following in QuickBooks Online:

  • Track bill and expenses
  • Record invoices and cash received
  • Use the “Banking Center” to automate work
  • Reconcile bookkeeping records with their bank (and why that’s important!)
  • Manage monies in an IOLTA account

Required: Computer with Internet access
Recommended: QuickBooks Online subscription


May 6, 2021 – The 5 Most Common Trust Accounting Mistakes & How to Overcome Them

Presented by Tom Boyle of TrustBooks

This course will walk you through the most common trust accounting mistakes that small law firms make. We will provide real world case studies with practical takeaways that you can implement in your practice immediately. The focus will be on overcoming trust accounting challenges by using TrustBooks. If you’re looking to understand where attorneys get in trouble with their trust account and get a better handle on yours… this will be a great, hands-on course for you.


May 13, 2021 – Collaborative Law Practice

Presented by Alice Ahearn and Emily Baker of Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP

Do you problem solve in your practice? Do you interact regularly with opposing counsel or even clients that you disagree with?

Join Family law attorneys Alice Ahearn and Emily Baker as they provide an overview on how collaborative law is practiced in DC and Virginia, the “basics” of getting trained and becoming a collaborative practitioner, and tips and tricks collaborative practitioners use in “getting to yes.” Other topics include:

  • The benefits of creating a dialogue between counsel and/or clients.
  • Communication and listening tips collaborative practitioners use to break through emotional and logistical barriers to resolution.
  • And more...

Collaborative practice is a modern way to approach many types of disputes. Come learn more about this alternative method of dispute resolution and how you can integrate these techniques into your practice.


May 27, 2021 – Next Level Online Oral Communication & Advocacy Skills

Presented by Christine Clapp of Spoken with Authority

Whether attorneys are in a virtual meeting, on the phone, around the proverbial “water cooler,” or anywhere else: their ability to speak and communicate with confidence to colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders will enhance their practice — just as a lack of confidence will frustratingly hold them back. In this session, participants will learn a set of powerful insights and practical strategies that will rapidly enhance their speaking skills and oral advocacy — whether they are speaking online or in person, to an audience of one, several, or many. Get ready to develop presentation skills in a way that will elevate presence and expand influence!

Participants will:

  • Explore the six elements of professional presence with photo and video examples.
  • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to body language, vocal quality, facial expressions, filler words, eye contact, and physical setting.
  • Start enhancing strengths and mitigating weaknesses.


To register or for more information on this program and other services offered by the Practice Management Advisory Service you may contact Daniel M. Mills, assistant director, or Rochelle D. Washington, senior staff attorney, at [email protected].

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