Annual Well-Being Summit

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Annual Wellness Summit

D.C. Bar Annual Well-Being Summit

On May 9, 2024, the D.C. Bar held its Annual Well-Being Summit. You can now access the recording of this program. This virtual summit is tailored for legal professionals like you to help you find harmony in your career and personal life. The program focuses on social well-being through five expert-led sessions. These sessions will provide invaluable insights into regulating emotions, fostering healthy coping mechanisms, improving work-life balance, and navigating daily stressors.

Free Recording

Why Attend?

Hosted during Mental Health Awareness Month and Lawyer Well-Being Week, our summit aims to raise awareness and take action on behavioral health issues while reducing stigma. It's a chance to invest in yourself, your career, and the well-being of our legal community. Dive into sessions that resonate with you, whether focusing on regulating emotions, fostering healthy coping mechanisms, or finding balance in your daily life. With flexible programming options, you can select the sessions that fit your schedule and interests.

Event Details:

Date: Recorded Thursday, May 9, 2024
Cost: Free

Although tailored for legal professionals, our summit welcomes anyone interested in enhancing their health and well-being.

Brought to you by the D.C. Bar Lawyer Assistance Program and D.C. Bar Communities.


Emotion Regulation Strategies for Professionals in the Workplace
This presentation will discuss strategies for managing emotions, promoting healthy communication, and utilizing conflict-resolution techniques in the workplace. It will cover the impact of emotions on interpersonal communication and how emotion regulation techniques can be applied in high-pressure work environments.

Speaker: Martha Rackets, PHD, LMFT, Martha Rackets Consulting

Developing a Neurodiversity-Inclusive Workplace
Join this session to learn about neurodiversity in the workplace and how you can foster a neuro-inclusive workplace culture through your individual actions. Featuring a fast-paced case study and discussion, suitable for many types of learners.


  • Emily Whelden, Coach at Dixon Life Coaching
  • Tracy Winter, Coach at Dixon Life Coaching

The Cost of Pushing Through: Increasing Self-Awareness for a Healthier Response to Stress
This session will cover the prevalence of problematic coping mechanisms lawyers are at risk of depending on, and how we can improve our self-awareness and our response to stress in a high-pressure legal career.


  • George Kolodner, MD, Medical Director at Triple Track Treatment
  • Sahar Ganjalikhani, LICSW, CFTP, Clinical Director at Verve Behavioral Health

Beyond Balance: Embracing “Good Enough” in Work and Life
This presentation is aimed at helping lawyers achieve a work-life combination that is both doable and sustainable. Explore the pitfalls of perfectionism that drain our energy and joy and learn a new approach rooted in authentic service, rather than the unending race to “get ahead.”


  • Casey Miller, Director of Wellness and Community Engagement at The George Washington University Law School
  • Charise Naifeh, Principal of Happy Law Mom
  • Anjali Bindra Patel, Chief Diversity Office at Georgetown University Law Center (Moderator)

Don't Get Burnt Out:  Role of Self Awareness as a Professional Helper
Compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma are nearly inevitable at times for anyone providing services to those facing some of the most stressful events in their lives.  We will discuss how to recognize and mitigate this professional and personal challenge.


  • Niki L. Irish, LICSW, Outreach & Education Specialist, Lawyer Assistance Program, D. C. Bar
  • Jessie Joachim, LPC, LCPC, CEAP, SAP, Senior Counselor, Lawyer Assistance Program, D.C. Bar
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