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Wealth Management

Unconventional times deserve unconventional strategies.

Fly in the face of conventional wealth management.

When it comes to investing and wealth management, we all have one goal in common – to have accumulated enough wealth to enjoy financial freedom.  Tradition tells us to follow convention. And that’s ok at times. But when conventional wealth management wisdom hasn’t changed much in the last century—while everything else has—why would you follow it?

We utilize an array of planning tools to address:

  • Tax-free strategies
  • Investment strategies with actively managed portfolios
  • Real Estate strategies
  • Business risk issues faced by practice owners
  • Wealth creation and control

At Prevail, we’ve turned wealth management on its head. We do things differently. We don’t simply manage your wealth. We help you create it.

Contact the dedicated D.C. Bar team at Prevail:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 877-371-1888

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