Certificate of Good Standing

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COVID-19 Impact on Member Service Operations

Acting with an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our staff, District of Columbia Bar Headquarters remains closed. Staff are working remotely during this time and continue to provide service to members.

At this time, the D.C. Bar is only able to accept requests for electronic Certificates of Good Standing and has suspended production of all printed Certificate orders. Orders for the electronic delivery Certificate should still be placed online by logging into your member account. Electronic delivery orders are automatically generated and sent in PDF format via email within minutes. If you are unable to print your certificate, please contact member services.

Online orders are also now available for the Certificate Concerning Discipline.

Please do not mail any membership related requests or payments to D.C. Bar Headquarters. We encourage you to utilize the forms provided below for reinstatements or other status changes, as well as the services available within your online member account to manage your membership record. Requests/payments mailed to D.C. Bar Headquarters will not be processed until normal operations resume, which may impact your membership status.

If you require assistance logging into your account or have any questions, contact Member Services via email to [email protected] or call 202-626-3475.

We value your membership and thank you for your understanding.

Certificates of Good Standing Are Now Offered Electronically!

In July 2019, the D.C. Bar became the first mandatory bar to offer online order and fulfillment of Certificates of Good Standing.  You may now order certificates through your member account and receive an email attachment immediately. We will continue to issue paper certificates with both mail and pickup options available.  Our new online service also allows you to have your certificate emailed or mailed to a third-party without any additional phone calls or emails.  Your certificate will also be available for download within your online member account for up to 30 days.

Click here to order your certificate (login required).

Fee Schedule:

Certificate of Good Standing Delivery Options


  • Immediately Available to Member or Third Party: $25

Regular Hardcopy

  • Mailed within two business days via First-Class Mail: $25

Next-Day Delivery

  • If ordered by 12 p.m. EST, fulfilled same day, and delivered the next business day. Option not available for PO Boxes, U.S. territories, or international addresses: $50

(*Orders received after 12 p.m. EST will be fulfilled on the next business day.)
(Please note that Next-Day and Same-Day requests can only be fulfilled on business days.)

Same-Day Pickup

  • If ordered by 11am EST, available for pickup at D.C. Bar Headquarters at 2 p.m. same day: $75

(Please note that Next-Day and Same-Day requests can only be fulfilled on business days.)
(*Orders received after 11am EST may not be available until the next business day.)

Certificate of Good Standing FAQs

How do I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing?

The D.C. Bar now offers online order and fulfillment of Certificates of Good Standing. Click here to order your certificate (login required). Members can receive their certificates immediately via email or select from a variety of processing times for hard-copy certificates.

Why are Certificates of Good Standing being processed by the D.C. Bar rather than the Committee on Admissions?

We field many calls in D.C. Bar Membership asking about Certificates of Good Standing, and as the Committee on Admissions already uses our database for the information it utilizes for the certificates, centralizing the process makes the most sense for members and staff alike.

How much is a Certificate of Good Standing?

Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing costs $25. The process is completely online and takes a few minutes. Members do not need to visit the Bar in person or pay a courier.  Click here to place your order today.
The cost of the Certificate of Good Standing covers the technology costs of the transition to an online-only system and is in line with the prices for Certificates of Good Standing in other jurisdictions (ranging from $1 to $50). 

Can I keep requesting my Certificate of Good Standing in person?

Effective July 1, 2019, the D.C. Bar no longer accepts certificate requests submitted in person. 

Who is eligible to receive a Certificate of Good Standing?

Active, Inactive, and Judicial members of the Bar who are in good standing with the Bar are able to receive a certificate stating their status. If a member has retired, resigned, or been suspended, they are unable to receive a Certificate of Good Standing.

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