Aging & Cognitive Decline

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As part of the normal aging process the brain changes and cognitive processes decline over time. For some attorneys, this decline may result in significant changes in memory or other functioning. Attorneys or their colleagues may notice difficulty in finding the right words, missed deadlines, lost case files, or personality changes.  if you are concerned about memory loss in yourself or a colleague, LAP can help with confidential consultation, evaluation and referral to appropriate resources.

What is the difference between normal aging and a potential impairment problem?

Normal aging includes those "senior moments" that we can joke about but are transitory like misplacing keys, temporarily searching for the right word or forgetting a name of an acquaintance. Impairment from aging or cognitive decline includes:

  • Problems performing daily tasks on a consistent basis
  • Trouble recalling the right words or repeating one's self during a conversation
  • Forgetting the names of close colleagues, friends or family members
  • Misplacing an object and then not identifying that object as their own (Example: misplacing glasses and then not recognizing those glasses as their own or that they even need glasses at all.)
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