D.C. Bar Communities Cosponsor Request to the CLE Committee

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Permission to cosponsor an event (involving CLE credit with an outside organization)

The CLE Committee is required to review and approve/disapprove any request for Co-sponsorship with a non-D.C. Bar organization before a Community can participate as a co-sponsor for the event.

To conduct the review that is required, the CLE Committee needs to receive the following information - please provide as much detail as possible about the following aspects of the proposed co-sponsorship.

Course location (D.C. Bar Community may not cosponsor events held outside of Wash, D.C.)

Note: Before considering a co-sponsorship for an event with a non-D.C. Bar organization, remember that Communities must seek advance approval from the D.C. Bar Executive Committee for financial and in-kind contributions. This includes underwriting or financial support for events by outside groups. Contributions from law firms to support an event or program are disfavored under the Community Guidelines and are likely to preclude the Community from co-sponsorship of such events. See Community Guideline III.H and Appendix E.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact: The Communities Office at 202-626-3463 or email us.

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