Family Law Community's Ethics Update

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The D.C. Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee periodically issues opinions interpreting the Rules of Professional Conduct.

As a service to its members, the D.C. Bar Family Law Community, has compiled a listing of ethics opinions pertaining to the practice of family law in the District of Columbia.

  • Opinion 295: Restriction on Communications by a Lawyer Acting as Guardian Ad Litem in a Child Abuse and Neglect Proceeding
  • Opinion 282: Duties of Lawyer Employing a Social Worker Who Is Obligated to Report Child Abuse
  • Opinion 252: Obligations of a Lawyer Appointed Guardian ad Litem in a Child Abuse and Neglect Proceeding with Respect to Potential Tort Claims of the Child
  • Opinion 243: Joint Representation in Divorce Cases
  • Opinion 240: Ethical Obligations of D.C. Corporation Counsel Attorneys Representing Custodial Parents in Social Security Act Title IV-D Cases

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