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Member Spotlight

Mary Smith

Mary Smith talks about her initiatives as president of the American Bar Association and her advocacy of Native American issues.
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Washington Lawyer March/April 2023 Edition

March/April 2024 Edition


Unlocking the Potential of Diverse Talent

Esther H. Lim, partner and chief diversity and inclusion officer at Finnegan, reveals how her formative experiences led her to help launch the firm’s IP Summit to expose law students to IP law and practice.

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Washington Lawyer January/February 2024 Edition

January/February 2024 Edition


Balancing the Scales & Nurturing Wellness

Judge Vijay Shanker of the D.C. Court of Appeals and several Superior Court judges share some of the unique mental health challenges facing members of the bench and offer their strategies for managing stress.

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Washington Lawyer September/October 2023 Edition

September/October 2023 Edition


AI & Legal Ethics: Time to Revisit the Rules?

The pandemic and the explosion of artificial intelligence have forever altered the legal profession. With such monumental changes, legal ethicists are calling for action because tech won’t wait for the law.

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