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Consumer Law Resource Center

Those in need of consumer law information can call 202-780-2574 on Fridays and leave a message. They will receive a return call from a volunteer on the following Wednesday.

The Consumer Law Resource Center provides free legal information to consumers related to:

  • Debt Collection
  • Home Improvement/Independent Contractor Disputes
  • Security Deposit Refunds
  • Small Claims Cases
  • Used Car or Car Repair Disputes
  • Utility Disputes
  • Violations of the Consumer Protection Procedures Act

Volunteer attorneys at the center:

  • Inform consumers about their legal rights and obligations
  • Review contracts
  • Assist consumers with preparing demand/reply letters
  • Help self–represented persons understand court proceedings
  • Coach self-represented person how to best present cases in court
  • Assist self–represented person prepare pleadings
  • Inform self–represented persons how to obtain continuances and retain counsel
  • Make referrals to legal services providers and other resources in appropriate cases