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SAVE THE DATE: May 18 - Building a Brand – How to Create an Identify for Your Nonprofit that Works and is Legally Protected

For most nonprofits, their names and logos are an integral part of their brand and reputation.  In the age of cyber space, the rules surrounding your trademarks and brand are even more complex.  This seminar will discuss the building blocks for creating an organizational identity.  It will focus on the basics of trademark law.  What is a trademark? How do you protect the nonprofit’s name and logo and should you register them with the US Office of Patents and Trademarks?  We will also discuss trade dress—what it is, how you create it and why it is important.  We will discuss how you take all the key elements—trademarks and trade dress—and create a brand that is distinctive, marketable and legally protected.  We will also discuss common mistakes your organization needs to avoid that could impact the ability of your organization to protect its brand.

This seminar is designed for board members, executive directors and other nonprofit staff and volunteers responsible for marketing, communications and fundraising.

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