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Don’t Forget the Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act

The new Department of Labor Overtime regulations may have a significant impact on your employees’ compensation.  Under the new rule, all employees (except for doctors, lawyers and teachers) will be eligible for overtime pay if they make less than $47,476 per year.

In some cases, this may mean that employees who were previously exempt from the overtime requirements will now be non-exempt.  In other cases, you make elect to increase an employee’s compensation to meet the new dollar threshold for exempt employees.

In both cases, you will be required to give the impacted employees a new pay notice under the D.C. Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act.  Under D.C. law, you must give a D.C. based employee a new notice every time any information on the form changes.  Therefore, if an employee’s status changes from exempt to non-exempt, or his or her salary increases, you must update the notice and give it to the employee when the change goes into effect.

D.C. government has the Notice of Hire – Employment Status and Acknowledgement of Wage Rate(s) available on its website.