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Pro Bono Center Ends Client Harassment and Stabilizes Housing

November 23, 2020

By Connie Sinclair

Ms. DThis last summer, Ms. D was forced out of her home by a neighbor’s threats and harassment. While Ms. D left to stay with family outside the D.C. area for her own safety, the neighbor vandalized her home. The landlord told Ms. D that her unit was unsafe and uninhabitable because the extent of the vandalism was so severe. The Landlord also did nothing to repair the unit for weeks.

After calling the Landlord Tenant Legal Assistance Network, a partnership of six legal services providers launched this summer to streamline access to housing legal help for tenants and small landlords, Ms. D was referred to a Pro Bono Center Housing Attorney of the Day for representation. Our attorney helped Ms. D secure temporary housing at her landlord’s expense while her landlord made the repairs necessary to make her unit habitable again. The Center’s attorney also filed a Civil Protection Order on Ms. D’s behalf to protect against any further threats from the neighbor.

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