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Practice Pointers

5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Marketing in 2023

January 10, 2023

By Kaitlin McGee

Do you want to jump-start your marketing now that it’s a new year? If you haven’t been actively promoting your law firm, or if your marketing efforts have been limited, start with these steps to get your marketing campaign going. These suggestions require little funding and have worked for countless lawyers.

1. Start at the end and work backward.

Who do you ultimately want calling you to set up an initial consultation or walking into your office to hire you? What is the type of work that your ideal client is asking you to do for them? First, understand your target market and the legal services you want to provide, and then work on meeting those clients where they go for recommendations and referrals. The more you know about how your ideal client processes the problem, the better you’ll be able to message about your solution to that problem.

2. Develop your list.

Utilize the network of people who you already know and build and maintain relationships with them. Compile their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses in a spreadsheet or utilize a contact management software online like Clio Grow or Monday. Update this list every time you meet a new contact or potential client, and use it to send email newsletters, holiday cards, and marketing promotions. Your list should include:

  • Current clients
  • Former clients
  • Family
  • Other attorneys and business professionals
  • Targeted potential clients
  • Educators, business owners, and religious persons in your community
  • Anyone who could recommend you or refer your business

3. Create a law firm announcement.

If you are just now opening your firm or have recently launched but didn’t announce it, let every person on your list know by sending an attractive printed announcement. People rarely get mail that isn’t junk anymore and everyone’s email inbox is already flooded, so your printed law firm announcement is sure to catch recipients’ attention. For people on your list for whom you don’t have a physical address, an email version or social media post in the same style as your announcement is appropriate.

4. If you have already launched your firm, send out a newsletter.

Your newsletter’s content should focus on updates about what you’ve been working on, changes in the law that have happened recently in your practice area, or any new insights you have. You can also send your newsletter in hard copy format to those you have addresses for.

5. Offer a promotion or package your legal services in a new way.

This concept of a soft launch is a great marketing boost and could help you test out a new offering or pricing structure for legal services. Gather data and feedback from this soft launch and allow it to guide you in future marketing efforts.

Whether you are starting a firm from scratch or growing and managing an existing firm, the D.C. Bar Practice Management Advisory Service has resources to help you create and meet your business goals. To schedule a one-on-one meeting with us, email [email protected]. To learn about the free courses and trainings offered for free to D.C. Bar members, visit dcbar.org/pmas.