Election Process

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About Elections

Members of the Board of Governors are elected by Active voting members of the Bar. They serve staggered three-year terms from July 1 to June 30. The slate of candidates is approved by the Nominations Committee and elections are held in the spring. This page includes everything you need to know about the election process.

Elected positions:

All officers and voting members of the Board of Governors also serve as the Board of Directors (BOD) of the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center.

President-Elect: 3-year commitment
Year 1: President-Elect and a member of most Board and Bar committees and performs the duties of the President during any absence or temporary disability of the President.
Year 2:  President presides over all meetings of the Bar and Board of Governors and ais a member of most Board and Bar committees.
Year 3: Immediate-Past President

Treasurer-Elect: 3-year commitment
Year 1: Treasurer-Elect and responsible for the duties of Treasurer during any absence of the Treasurer.  The Treasurer-Elect is not an officer of either Board.
Year 2: Treasurer reports on the Bar’s and Pro Bono Center’s financial condition and prepares the Treasurer-Elect.
Year 3: Remain on the Board as an at-large member for one year following their year as Treasurer.

Elected members: 3-year commitment (up to 2 consecutive 3-year terms)

Duties, Responsibilities, and Board “Action Items”

  • Approve appointments to various committees and commissions
  • Receive reports and recommendations from committees and task forces, and decide what actions to pursue
  • Approve the 5-year strategic plans
  • Review and approve certain D.C. Bar policies
  • Receive the external auditor’s report
  • Approve the annual budgets for the Bar and Pro Bono Center
  • Set the annual license fee rate for active, inactive, and judicial members
  • Attend up to 8 regular meetings per year (typically 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month)

Qualifications of a Board candidate

Active D.C. Bar members in good standing are eligible to run for the Board. While not required, some experience in service to the legal community and a desire to contribute to the Bar’s future and provide strategic guidance is valuable among prospective Board members.

Process and Timeline

November – January
D.C. Bar Nominations Committee, appointed by the President, evaluates nominations for Board vacancies to build a slate of candidates for the annual elections. Active members are encouraged to nominate candidates or themselves to run for a seat on the Board.

Candidate slate is announced.

Late April – early June
Online voting is available, and candidates can promote their candidacy to the networks and at the D.C. Bar Candidate Forum.

Election results are announced.

Late June
New Board members sworn in and recognized at the D.C. Bar Celebration of Leadership.