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Chad T. Sarchio Wins D.C. Bar President-Elect Post

June 04, 2020

Chad SarchioChad T. Sarchio, an associate chief counsel at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), has been elected president-elect of the D.C. Bar for the 2020–2021 term. Sarchio will assume office at the beginning of the 2020-21 Bar year and serve in that post for one year before becoming president; he will continue in office a third year as immediate past president. With Sarchio’s installation, incumbent President-Elect Geoffrey M. Klineberg will become the Bar’s 49th president. Klineberg is a partner at Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick, P.L.L.C.

Sarchio has served as associate chief counsel at the DEA’s international and intelligence law division since 2006. He’s also a professorial lecturer of law in trial advocacy and pretrial practice at The George Washington University Law School.

Reacting to his election, Sarchio said he will approach his position with a deep sense of responsibility. “I’m incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to serve the Bar and to face the challenges that lie ahead in the coming cycle. It’s not lost on me what a tremendously important task lies ahead. There is so much unknown and unknowable about our present situation. I’ll rely on all of my strong relationships with Bar members to provide solutions that will reach the broadest possible cross-section of our community,” Sarchio said.

From 2000 to 2006, Sarchio was a federal prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. During that time, he prosecuted hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases. Sarchio also conducted in excess of 50 bench trials and 21 jury trials, as well as numerous motions and preliminary hearings. He worked as investigative counsel during the seven-month Senate investigation into preparations for and response to Hurricane Katrina.

A graduate of Duke University, The George Washington University Law School, and the National War College, Sarchio began his legal career in active duty with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. In that capacity, he provided legal assistance to hundreds of soldiers and their family members at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; investigated and negotiated more than $3 million in claims as the senior foreign claims commissioner for Bosnia; and served as military legal counsel to the Army Audit Agency.

From 2000 to 2019, Sarchio served in the JAG Reserves, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in 2012. In the Reserves, he was a military judge for three years, directed a judicial operations support team, and represented soldiers accused of misconduct, crimes, and other malfeasance.

Also elected to one-year terms were, as secretary, Diane A. Seltzer Torre of The Seltzer Law Firm, and, as treasurer, Shaun M. Snyder of the National Association of State Treasurers.

Elected to the Bar’s Board of Governors for three-year terms were Catherine (Katie) D. Bertram of the Bertram Law Group PLLC; Natalie M. Koss of Potomac Legal Group PLLC; Mollie (Megan) Lacchini of Legal Services Corporation; Ramya Ravindran of Bredhoff & Kaiser, PLLC; and Courtney L. Weiner of the Law Office of Courtney Weiner PLLC.

Elected for two-year terms on the ABA House of Delegates were Lorelie S. Masters of Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, Laura A. Possessky of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Lucy L. Thomson of Livingston PLLC.

Of 81,966 D.C. Bar members who were eligible to vote, 7,185 members cast ballots for an 8.77 percent overall turnout. A complete breakdown of the election results follows.

All newly elected officers, board members, and delegates will be honored during the D.C. Bar’s virtual 2020 Celebration of Leadership on July 30.

2020 General Election Tally Sheet

Office Candidate Votes  
President-Elect Chad T. Sarchio 3,841 Elected
  Charles C. Lemley 2,699  
Secretary Diane A. Seltzer Torre 4,679 Elected
  Steven R. Miller 1,441  
Treasurer Shaun M. Snyder 3,689 Elected
  Justin Dillon 2,311  
Board of Governors Courtney L. Weiner 3,918 Elected
  Mollie (Megan) Lacchini 3,090 Elected
  Catherine (Katie) D. Bertram 3,064 Elected
  Natalie M. Koss 2,961 Elected
  Ramya Ravindran 2,822 Elected
  Lionel André 2,770  
  James E. Rocap III 2,730  
  Érica Franzetti 2,558  
  Chong S. Park 2,448  
  Richard V. Rodriguez 1,815  
ABA House of Delegates Laura A. Possessky 4,232 Elected
  Lorelie S. Masters 3,835 Elected
  Lucy L. Thomson 3,576 Elected
  John C. (Jack) Keeney Jr. 3,319  
  Erich Reimer 1,422  

In addition to these Bar leaders, elected D.C. Bar Communities leadership is as follows:

Community Candidate Votes  
Antitrust and Consumer Law Naomi Claxton 91 Elected
  David Kully 83 Elected
  Erin McNamee 75 Elected
  Don Resnikoff 72  
Arts, Entertainment, Media and Sports Jennifer Nelson 92 Elected
  Cynthia Gierhart 75 Elected
  Max Mishkin 58 Elected
  Lacy J. Lodes 51  
  Lee Johnson 18  
Corporation, Finance and Securities Law Gerald Hodgkins 198 Elected
  Stephen Cohen 191 Elected
  Howard Scheck 64  
  James Watts 26  
District of Columbia Affairs Ann C. Wilcox 83 Elected
  Daniel Mayer 63 Elected
  Marti Doneghy 59 Elected
  Angela Parsons 52  
  Adam Rubinson 12  
Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Jennifer Li 131 Elected
  Elizabeth Schuster 67 Elected
  Maram Salaheldin 63  
  Marie Smith 40  
  Marti Doneghy 14  
Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Priya Royal 128 Elected
  Oren Goldberg 119 Elected
  Tara Rao 80 Elected
Family Law Keely Magyar 64 Elected
  Elizabeth Selmo 55 Elected
  Erin Kopelman 52  
  Richard Kelley 39  
Government Contracts Zachary Prince 91 Elected
  Matthew Madalo 86 Elected
Health Law Allison Cohen 112 Elected
  Timothy Farrell 107 Elected
  Mia Olsen 67 Elected
  L'Kel Little 60 Elected
Intellectual Property Law Brian Malkin 132 Elected
  Bradley Hartman 127 Elected
  Bryan Nese 124 Elected
  Terrence Brown 119  
International Law Molly White 146 Elected
  Pauline Schwartz 129 Elected
  Geoffrey Goodale 113  
  Justin Askins 9  
Labor and Employment Law Colleen Coveney 155 Elected
  Roseann Romano 149 Elected
  Jose Galvan 88 Elected
  Elizabeth England 81  
  Jack Blum 52  
  Sheryl Golkow 18  
  Jennifer Bezdicek 15  
  Katherine Hoekman 15  
Law Practice Management Pratibha Agarwal 118 Elected
  Ellen Fishbein 115 Elected
  Lea Ashley Shannon Taylor 110 Elected
Litigation Robert Kelly 270 Elected
  Mark Rooney 259 Elected
  Anthony Coppola 250 Elected
  Eric Montalvo 61  
Public Interest and Courts Andrea Ferster 144 Elected
  Shirley Horng 136 Elected
  Nicholas Cobbs 101 Elected
  Sheila Berman 70 Elected
Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Erica Litovitz 125 Elected
  Shanice McClelland 100 Elected
  Nathan Bresee 70 Elected
Taxation Amber MacKenzie 146 Elected
  Loren Ponds 146 Elected
  Denen Boyce 102 Elected
  Jeffrey Tebbs 101  

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