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Superior Court Issues New Order on Post-Commitment Juvenile Representation

June 27, 2022

On June 24 the Superior Court of the District of Columbia issued Administrative Order 22-09 regarding the establishment of post-commitment juvenile attorney panel members. This order supersedes Administrative Order 22-08 issued June 8.

Members of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Juvenile Post-Commitment Panel, attorneys with the Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia (PDS) Juvenile Services Program, and Open City Advocates (OCA) lawyers will be eligible to receive appointments to represent juveniles in post-commitment delinquency cases after PDS has trained the panel. When the Family Court enters a disposition committing a respondent under D.C. Code §16-2320(c)(2) (transfer of legal custody to a public agency for the care of delinquent children), the court shall appoint an attorney from OCA or the CJA Juvenile Post-Commitment Panel, unless the respondent is represented by PDS.

PDS will represent all respondents in post-commitment litigation where PDS has previously represented the respondent or is currently representing the respondent, unless there is a conflict of interest. PDS shall be appointed to post-commitment delinquency cases assigned to OCA if the latter has a conflict of interest under the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct.

PDS has until November 18 to train CJA Juvenile Post-Commitment Panel attorneys. In addition, by September 12 the presiding judge of the Family Court must provide written notice to all CJA juvenile panel attorneys of their eligibility to participate in post-commitment training offered by PDS.

A list of attorneys eligible to receive appointments to handle post-commitment delinquency matters will be published in a separate administrative order.

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