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Glenn Stephens

Docket No. 17-BD-028


DCCA Opinion (March 25, 2021)

Summary: Not yet available.

Board Report and Orders (September 25, 2019)

Summary: The Board on Professional Responsibility recommends that the D.C. Court of Appeals disbar Stephens on consent forthwith and without further consideration of the evidence in the case. During the underlying proceedings, rather than submit exhibits Stephens emailed Disciplinary Counsel asking to be disbarred. Because of this statement, the Board issued an order to show cause why it should not recommend his disbarment. Stephens did not respond to the order. Two members of the Board dissented with the majority’s decision to decline to provide the court with a report and recommendation based on the Board’s review of the Hearing Committee’s findings and recommendations and with their conclusion that Stephens should be disbarred. They stated that the requirements for consent to disbarment have not been satisfied, and the Rules do not allow the Board discretion to infer consent from circumstances such as those presented in this matter.

Hearing Committee Report (April 19, 2019)

Summary: Not yet available.

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