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Disciplinary Complaints and Disputes for Lawyer

How do I file for reinstatement?

If you are not required to prove fitness or satisfy other terms prior to reinstatement (i.e., restitution or some other condition imposed by the Court), please contact the D.C. Bar Membership department. If you were disbarred or suspended with a fitness requirement, you must file a petition for reinstatement and a reinstatement questionnaire (found in the forms and documents section). See Board Rule 9.1.

Can I e-file with the Board Office?

No, we currently do not have an e-filing system. All filings should be made in hard copy, including one with an original signature.  Please consult the Board Rules to see additional requirements for each type of filing.

How do I file a complaint against an attorney?

Complaints must be filed, in writing, with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. A complaint form can be found under the How to File a Complaint section.

Where can I find the Board Rules?

The Board Rules can be found under the Board on Professional Responsibility section.

How can I volunteer in the disciplinary system?

The Board is currently recruiting attorneys and members of the public to be considered for appointment to Hearing Committees.  For more information, or to apply to be a Hearing Committee Member, please contact the Office of the Executive Attorney. 

Can I listen to a Hearing or Oral Argument?

Oral arguments before the Board are streamed. Oral arguments and hearings are open to the public. You can find the hearing and oral argument schedules under the calendar in the Board on Professional Responsibility section. The schedule can change at the last minute, so we suggest calling the Office of the Executive Attorney ahead of time for the most up-to-date information. All matters, unless otherwise noted, are held in Courtroom II (Room 226) in the D.C. Court of Appeals building. For access to the oral argument schedule where live streaming is available, click here.

Who do I call if I need ethics advice?

The D.C. Bar’s staff includes legal ethics counsel who are available to discuss ethical issues related to the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct.  This service is not affiliated with the discipline system.  For more information, click here.

If I’m not a D.C. lawyer, do I need to be admitted pro hoc vice to represent a lawyer in a disciplinary matter?

Please see the Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinion 23-18.