Law Practice Management

Law Practice Management Annual Report 2014-15

Submitted May 19, 2015 
Co-Chairs Arden Levy and Linda Rahal

Steering Committee Members: 
Anne Collier, Barry Reiferson, Benjamin Grosz, Brandon Cogswell, Natalie Koss, Roya Vasseghi, Sonya Armfield

Mission Statement
To organize and present high quality and professional programs on law practice management including technology programs, career programs, business development and branding programs, networking programs, and other related topics.  Our goal is to expand the LPM Section membership and to make it a more active and dynamic section.

Details of our activities since our last annual report was submitted can be found below

The programs put on by the LPM section this year to date have included:

·        Hot Technology Tips (part I of II) – December 10

·        Linked In for Lawyers - November 12

·        Alternative JD Careers - December 17

·        Client Data Management - January 27

·        New Legal Technology & How It Impacts Business Models - February 12

·     The Grass Ceiling - March 24

·       Career Strategies and Options for Contract Attorneys - April 9

·        Know Thyself: Leverage Personality Type to Build Your Business - May 12

A first-time LPM networking event as a rooftop reception was held on May 14, 2015, with about 20 people in attendance.  It was a good event.

Upcoming Program
Hot Technology Tips (Part II of II) - May 28

** Please note:  The LPM Section has a tradition of holding the Legends of the Law Program in June every year, which has included Justice Ginsburg and Ken Feinberg in most recent years. Over the past few years, attendance at the program has been declining.  The LPM Section Steering Committee has decided that, while we are working with the Bar to determine whether we can revamp marketing for the program such that the outreach/marketing reaches to the entire Bar, and not just the sections that sponsor or co-sponsor, it reflects poorly on the D.C. Bar to schedule such notable figures for the time being. 

Community Outreach:
Sonya Armfield participated in the Youth Fair.

Donation of $1,500 made to pro bono section.


Practice Manual Updates
We didn't update the practice manual this year. Brandon Cogswell consulted with Georgetown Juvenile Law Clinic who reviewed the law practice manual chapter for updates. There will likely be updates next year.

Listserv Email List
The email to members of the LPM section for the list has been sent out and there has been some email activity on the list.