Labor and Employment Law

About the Labor and Employment Law Section

The D.C. Bar’s Labor and Employment Law Section and each standing committee within the section maintain regular communications with their members and plans programs, projects, and other professional activities which ensure that the section fulfills its purposes, as outlined on the index of its Web page. The section’s membership consists of plaintiff and management-side attorneys, federal and D.C. agency counsel, corporate and trade association counsel, members of the judiciary and quasi-judicial agencies, counsel to labor organizations, counsel to employment/labor related public interest organizations, law professors, and other members and subscribers of the D.C. Bar.

The purposes of the section are to:

  • advance the professional development and competence of its members by offering educational programs and publications in the substantive law fields of labor and employment law, as well as practice and procedure;
  • keep its members informed of changes and developments in the relevant law and to publish information on those subjects;
  • monitor legislative and regulatory developments and comment on issues within its expertise and jurisdiction;
  • provide a forum for discussion of subjects pertaining to the legal practice areas of labor and employment law;
  • provide other services to its members consistent with the D.C. Bar’s Sections Guidelines and Procedures; and
  • fulfill the bar’s commitments to public service and community outreach.

Typical activities and publications of the section may include luncheon and evening member-educational programs with guest speakers, conferences, seminars, receptions, symposia, committee and section-wide meetings, newsletters, law student internship programs, voluntary mediation partnership programs with neutral government agencies, handbooks, practice manuals, course materials and other types of publications, membership surveys, public statements, as well as pro bono, and community outreach activities. Section activities are usually held in the District of Columbia to permit convenient attendance by a majority of the section’s members. Activities sponsored by the section or its standing committees are open to all members and subscribers of the D.C. Bar and may be open to nonmembers. Activities are open to the media, although the section may provide advance notice that presentations will be "off the record," and will endeavor to let speakers know that the media may be present.