Estates, Trusts and Probate Law

Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Section 2013-2014 Project List

Welcome to the D.C. Bar Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Project List for 2013-14.     

The 2013-14 program year is sure to be a busy one, and we encourage our membership to get involved in our different activities.  Some ideas, and contact information, appear below.

Community Outreach
This committee facilitates community service projects such as the “Planning Ahead” program that is presented  to community groups such as churches and senior centers.  

Cochairs: Katie Wiedmann and Larry Frazier
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D.C Practice Manual
The D.C. Bar publishes the District of Columbia Practice Manual, which is a basic how–to for different areas of D.C. law. Our section revises the chapters on Wills and Intervention cases each year, and sometimes adds new materials. 

Practice Manual Coordinator: Jennifer Concino
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Probate Digest 
The section is putting out the previously published probate digest which will make a digest of D.C. probate cases available electronically.  

Cochairs: Laurel Lea and Chris Guest
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Section Newsletter 
We try to publish our newsletter quarterly.  We always need articles or help digesting recent cases.  
Editor: Jennifer Concino
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Guardian & Conservatorship Discussion Group 
This informal group meets every other month on the second Wednesday at  noon at the courthouse. The forum alternates between a back and forth format and presentations by outside speakers.  
Cochairs: Gina Lynn and Kimberly Edley
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This group monitors legislation relevant to our practice areas and considers making legislative changes.  

Chair: Nicole Stevens
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Pro Bono 
The section sponsors various pro bono activities described in the  Probate Assistance Brochure for Volunteers.  
Chairs: Ed Varrone and Gina Lynn
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This group reaches out to estates, trusts and probate practitioners to try to increase our membership.  Our goal is to reach 1,000 members.  
Cochairs: Mark Griffin and Katie Wiedmann
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Attorney Directory Project 
The section is working towards publishing an attorney of probate and intervention practitioners who may be willing to take “low bono” cases.  
Cochairs: Katie Wiedmann and Ed Varrone
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