Corporation, Finance and Securities Law

Corporation, Finance and Securities Law Section 2013-14 Annual Report

Steering Committee Members
Martha V. Clarke, Co-Chair, Julie A. Smith, Co-Chair, Stephen J. Crimmins, Daniel F. Danello, Keir D. Gumbs, Sara P. Hanks, Joan E. McKown, Linda C. Thomsen, Elaine H. Wolff

In General
The CFSL Section has approximately 2,400 members and operates primarily through its 12 standing committees:

  • Accounting
    Michael J. Scanlon, Chair
    Linda L. Griggs, Vice Chair
  • Broker-Dealer Regulation and SEC Enforcement
    Larry Ellsworth, Chair
    Russell G. Ryan, Vice Chair
  • Corporate Counsel
    Michael K. Lowman, Chair
    Sean M. Donahue, Vice Chair
  • Corporate Finance
    John J. Mahon, Chair
    Gail Pierce, Vice Chair
  • Corporate Governance
  • Derivatives and Futures Committee
    Peter Y. Malyshev, Chair
    Petal Walker, Vice Chair
  • Financial Institutions
    Andrea R Tokheim, Chair
    Eli Alper, Vice Chair
  • International Securities Law
    Michael Rosenthal, Chair
    Samuel Wolff, Vice Chair
  • Investment Management
    Benjamin J. Haskin, Chair
    Eric S. Purple, Vice Chair
  • Investor Rights
    Jeffrey P. Mahoney, Chair
    Daniel S. Sommers, Vice Chair
  • Small and Emerging Business
    Ford C. Ladd, Chair
    Leila S. Bham, Vice Chair
  • Young Lawyers
    Edward Kane, Chair
    Douglas Wilson, Vice Chair

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Committee Activities
Consistent with past years, CFSL Section has continued to sponsor timely and informative educational programs for its respective membership. To date the committees have held 25 programs and scheduled several more for the reminder of the year. The section also cosponsors many programs offered by other sections.

The section continues to be challenged by generating attendance at some of its events. While certain events have generated a lot of interest, other events have generated low registrations, leading to cancellation in some instances. We think that other organizations have either been able to offer programs covering the same topics on a more timely basis or have been able to offer CLE credit or the convenience of attending through a webinar. We would like to address these attendance issues with leaders of other sections, the Sections Council, and the Sections Office.

We continue to offer quality programs that are appreciated by those who attend, however. Most of these programs include current and former senior government officials as speakers.

The section also held a Spring Social Hour on May 16, 2013.
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CLE Programs
Our section has sponsored or co-sponsored over approximately 75 CLE-accredited programs this bar year, including the following:

• Immigration Law Series
• How to Apply for Tax-Exempt Status
• Fee Agreements in the District of Columbia: Ethics and Practice Guide
• What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about Customs and Customs Law
• How to Protect and Enforce Trademark Rights

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Pro Bono Program and Youth Law Fair
The CFSL Section contributed to the Bar’s Youth Law Fair and will contribute to the Bar’s Pro Bono Program, continuing its efforts to support both of these worthwhile efforts.
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D.C. Practice Manual
This year the CFSL Section determined that the portions of the D.C. Practice Manual for which it is responsible did not require updating.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Vestal Clarke
Julie Smith
Section Co-Chairs
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