Antitrust and Consumer Law

Antitrust and Consumer Law Section’s Community Outreach

The Consumer Affairs Committee of the Antitrust and Consumer Law Section has engaged in numerous community outreach projects to provide consumer protection and education to the District’s consumers.

The section continues to engage in dialogue with government agencies to create alternative mechanisms for enforcement of consumer protection laws, and to provide timely consumer education materials.

Members of the Consumer Affairs Committee have created columns for a citywide community newspaper on topics such as “Protecting Yourself When Using Layaway,” “Avoiding the Strings Attached to Holiday Gifts” (column about restrictive return policies and hidden fees), “The Truth About Cooling Off Periods,” “Online Buying: Consumer Protection Tips,” “Questions and Answers About Consumer Protection in D.C.” (a three-part series), “Fraudulent Trade School Student Loan Practices,” and “Credit Repair Rip Offs.”

The section has produced a booklet, Tips on Buying Reliable Used Cars and Trucks for a Fair Price, which has been widely disseminated throughout the District of Columbia to public libraries, community centers, churches, community groups, and the general public at youth law fairs. This publication joins two other section publications, How Can I Protect My Rights as a D.C. Consumer and What to Expect in Small Claims Court.