Pro-Se-Plus Divorce Clinic

After more than two decades of service to the community, we will be discontinuing the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center's Pro Se Plus Divorce and Custody Clinics. When the Pro Se Plus Divorce Clinic began in 1993 and the Pro Se Plus Custody Clinic opened in 1996, few options existed for individuals who required help filing a divorce or custody complaint without the assistance of counsel. Since that time, numerous programs developed to provide assistance and advice to pro se family law litigants. Most notably, in 2002, the Family Court Self-Help Center began providing information and assistance with pleadings to pro se individuals at D.C. Superior Court. Additionally, technology has made it easier for pro se litigants to access assistance with filings. Pro se pleadings and interactive interview programs are available on LawHelp.org to to assist individuals representing themselves anytime day or night. Lastly, individuals can continue to visit the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center's Advice & Referral Clinics the second Saturday of every month from 10am to noon, held at the two Bread for the City locations.

It is a testament to DC's legal services community that the services provided by the Pro Se Plus clinics are now available through many other outlets.