2021 Judicial and Bar Conference

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Judicial and Bar Conference

Judicial Honorees

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The District of Columbia Bar Honors Judges in the District of Columbia

At the 2021 Judicial and Bar Conference, the District of Columbia Bar honored District judges who have recently resigned, retired, or taken senior status.

District of Columbia Court of Appeals

The Honorable John R. FisherThe Honorable John R. Fisher
Senior Judge


Superior Court of the District of Columbia

The Honorable Robert E. MorinThe Honorable Robert E. Morin
Former Chief Judge, Now Senior Judge


Ronna BeckThe Honorable Ronna L. Beck
Senior Judge


The Honorable Diane M. BrennemanThe Honorable Diane M. Brenneman
Magistrate Judge (Retired)


The Honorable Patricia A. BroderickThe Honorable Patricia A. Broderick
Senior Judge


The Honorable Carol Ann DaltonThe Honorable Carol Ann Dalton
Associate Judge (Retired)


The Honorable Wendell P. Gardner Jr.The Honorable Wendell P. Gardner Jr.
Associate Judge (Retired)


The Honorable J. Ramsey JohnsonThe Honorable J. Ramsey Johnson
Associate Judge (Retired)


The Honorable Diane Stewart LepleyThe Honorable Diane Stewart Lepley
Magistrate Judge (Retired)


United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

The Honorable Merrick B. GarlandThe Honorable Merrick B. Garland
Former Chief Judge, U.S. Circuit Judge (Resigned)


The Honorable Thomas GriffithThe Honorable Thomas Griffith
U.S. Circuit Judge (Retired)


United States District Court for the District of Columbia

The Honorable Deborah A. RobinsonThe Honorable Deborah A. Robinson
Magistrate Judge (Retired)


Emmet G. SullivanThe Honorable Emmet G. Sullivan
Senior Judge