Notice About the Mandatory Course

New Admittees:
This course is a post-admission requirement and may not be taken before the member is sworn in to the D.C. Bar. The course is available once a month (alternating Saturdays and Tuesdays), and is also offered the day after the two in-person swearing-in ceremonies held in July and December by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. The Course must be completed by all new admittees within 12 months after admission to the Bar, but it is recommended that it be completed within the first 6 months from the date of admittance. Any new admittee who fails to complete the Mandatory Course within 60 days after the D.C. Bar issues written notice of noncompliance shall be administratively suspended from membership to the D.C. Bar and unable to practice law in the District of Columbia.

Any new D.C. Bar member otherwise in good standing who is administratively suspended for failure to complete the course on D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct and D.C. Practice shall be reinstated as a member of the D.C. Bar upon completion of the Mandatory Course and fulfillment of such other administrative requirements as the Bar’s Board of Governors may impose.

Click here to view Article 4 of the D.C. Bar’s By-Laws

Other Members:
Through Article III of the D.C. Bar’s Bylaws, the course requirement is a prerequisite to any member of the Bar who wishes to change to an Active status after 5 or more years of being in any Inactive or Judicial status. A member will be required to take the Course if:

  • The member has held an Inactive, Judicial, Resigned, or Retired status for 5 years or more and now wishes to be an Active member/be reinstated;
  • Suspended members because of… 
    • non-payment of dues for 5 years or more; or
    • failure to file a resignation statement.

Click here to view Article III of the D.C. Bar By-Laws

If you have taken the Mandatory Course previously, are currently in good standing, and fall under this “Other Members” category, you may qualify for Refresher Compliance through media presentation.  To request information about eligibility or further instructions, send an email to [email protected] or call 202-737-4700 Ext. 2020.