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Consequences of Nonpayment of Dues

The following are consequences of nonpayment of D.C. Bar dues:     

  • Certificates of Good Standing are only issued to current members.
  • Suspended members who seek reinstatement incur a $280 reinstatement fee.
  • The names of all suspended members are transmitted to the D.C. Court of Appeals.
  • If you are suspended for five years or more and seek reinstatement into the Bar you will be required to complete the Mandatory Course on District of Columbia Rules of Professional Conduct

Suspension procedures are described in D.C. Bar Rule II, Section 6 and D.C.  Bar Bylaw Article III, Section 2(a).

You may avoid suspension by remitting payment for your license on or before the deadline, or by resigning. Resignation requests must be submitted using the form below and require a minimum 30-day review period. During this time of review, you are still considered to be a member of the Bar, and remain subject to suspension for nonpayment of dues. If you are suspended, you may request reinstatement using the form below.

Resignation Form

Reinstatement Form