Alternative Compliance

Alternative Compliance

In cases of extreme hardship, attorneys in good standing may request to complete the Mandatory Course by use of an On-Demand Video if the individual is unable to attend or view on of the regularly scheduled in-person or live-streamed presentations. Except under extraordinary circumstances, extreme hardship does not include absence from the District of Columbia.

“Extreme Hardship” may include severe, prolonged illness, which makes physical attendance at the Mandatory Course inordinately difficult, or such cause as may be determined by the Chief Executive Officer of the District of Columbia Bar or his/her delegate.

What does NOT constitute extreme hardship?

  • Travel proximity
  • Work Schedules
  • Conflicting schedule with Course dates
  • Time in which to comply with the Rule is running out
  • Short-term medical ailments or procedures

Who is in good standing?

  • Active members
  • Resigned members
  • Retired/Inactive members
  • Judicial members
  • Newly Admitted members within their compliance period (first 12 months)

To request Alternative Compliance, send an e-mail to [email protected], or call 202-737-4700 Ext. 2020 for instructions.