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Member Connect

The D.C. Bar is pleased to offer our Member Connections Space as our newest member benefit beginning in September 2018. Gorgeous floor to ceiling windows paired with both comfortable offices and shared workspaces create the perfect environment to work downtown in between meetings, or to escape the office for a couple hours. Amenities include wifi, printing, and we also offer complimentary refreshments – there’s no need to stop for a coffee before heading our way!

Need a quiet place to study? For a limited time, we are offering free Member Connections Space access to all UBE registrants (as space permits). Sign up here or call 202-626-3475 for more information.

Rates vary based on your membership status.

How to Reserve Your Spot:

Reserved office or cubicle in Member Connections Space:

Member StatusHourly Rate
Inactive$10 FREE

Please note: each guest may reserve a space for a maximum of 24 hours/month

The hours of operation are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. We can only guarantee reservations made 2 business days in advance

Please fill out the reservation form and we will reply as soon as possible

Tucker Conference Room in Member Connections Space:

 Member Status Hourly Rate 9am-5pm
     Active/Retired-Inactive   FREE
     Inactive   $25 
     Judicial   $35
     Voluntary Bar   FREE
     Non-Member   $50.31

The Tucker Conference Room can accommodate five individuals at a time and is available for guests to reserve during business hours. We can only guarantee reservations made 2 business days in advance

Please fill out the reservation form and we will reply as soon as possible


How far in advance do I have to reserve the Member Connections Space?

Member Connections Space reservation requests must be made 2 business days in advance.

How will I know if my request is confirmed?

After receiving your request form, we will either confirm or deny your request via email. If your request is denied, you will need to submit a new request form for an alternate time.

What amenities are available at the Member Connections Space?

The Member Connections Space has coffee, tea, water, wifi, and printing capabilities.

How do I print documents at the Member Connections Space?

Guests may print up to 100 pages/month at the Member Connections Space. Printing instructions are found in each office or cubicle.

Can I bring someone else with me to the office?

If you would like to bring a guest with you into your reserved workspace, prior approval is required. Please send an email to memberconnections@dcbar.org with the guest’s name. Upon arrival, the guest will be required to fill out a liability form prior to accessing the workspace.

Is there a receptionist available to assist me?

The D.C. Bar has a receptionist on the 3rd floor to greet guests and clients. While the receptionist will greet you upon arrival and can assist you with any urgent requests, they are not available for food deliveries or any administrative assistance.