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Part 3 of 8 Estate Planning Tax Series: Ten Important (and often Overlooked) Insurance Facts

**This is a previously recorded program, originally recorded on November 17, 2016.
Andrea Dykes and Carolyn Rogers, of Howard Insurance, discuss key aspects of insurance that every estate planner should understand. They dive into detail on each of the following topics:
1. There are multiple instances in which death proceeds are includable in an insured's gross estate;
2. There are multiple ways in which to value a life insurance policy;
3. A charitable contribution deduction can be taken for the gift of a life insurance policy or premium to charity;
4. 1035 exchanges can trigger a taxable event;
5. Life insurance proceeds may be taxable if owned by someone other than the insured;
6. All Permanent life insurance is not equal;
7. The 7 Payment and MEC limits are important tests oftentimes poorly reported by the carriers;
8. The creation, modification, and termination of Split Dollar plans is nuanced;
9. A Critical Illness definition is not the same as a Long Term Care definition; and
10. Not all Annuity distributions are taxed the same.
This program was sponsored by the Estate Planning Committee of the D.C. Bar Taxation Community.
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