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Trademark 101 with Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks in the USPTO

**This is a previously recorded program, originally recorded on April 19, 2017.
Come hear Craig Morris, Managing Attorney for Trademark Outreach in the USPTO Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks discuss trademark fundamentals, including selecting, protecting and enforcing a trademark, in this informative Trademark 101 program.
Below is program overview:
- What a trademark is and how it differs from domain name and business name registration
- Importance of selecting a mark that is federally registrable and legally protectable
- Avoiding a likelihood of confusion
- Cease-and-desist letter
- Searching/role of private attorney
- Common law rights
- Strong versus weak marks
- Applying to seek federal registration
- USPTO Solicitations
- What happens after registration
- USPTO reminder notices
This program was sponsored by the Trademark Committee of the D.C. Bar Intellectual Property Law Section.
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