D.C. Bar

2017-2018 Judicial Evaluation Survey


The following judges serving on the courts of the District of Columbia will be evaluated in the D.C. Bar 2017-2018 Judicial Evaluation Survey:

D.C. Court of Appeals

Corinne A. Beckwith
Catharine F. Easterly
Michael W. Farrell
John M. Ferren
William C. Pryor

Superior Court of the District of Columbia

John H. Bayly, Jr.
Danya A. Dayson
Jennifer A. Di Toro
Herbert B. Dixon, Jr.
Stephanie Duncan-Peters
William M. Jackson
John Ramsey Johnson
Ann O'Regan Keary
Peter A. Krauthamer
John F. McCabe, Jr.
Robert E. Morin
Truman A. Morrison, III
John M. Mott
William W. Nooter
Michael L. Rankin
Robert A. Salerno
Darlene M. Soltys
Frederick H. Weisburg
Steven M. Wellner
Ronald P. Wertheim
Yvonne M. Williams
Peter H. Wolf
Joan Zeldon 

Please participate if you had a case pending before one or more of the judges scheduled for evaluation during the 24-month evaluation period (7/1/15–6/30/17).

You should receive an invitation on November 14 from Research USA, an independent research organization administering the survey.  If you do not receive the invitation and are eligible to participate, please request a link to the survey directly from Research USA at dcbarjudicialevaluation@researchusainc.com.

The survey we ask you to complete allows you to make candid comments, all of which remain anonymous. Please complete the survey by 5 p.m. EST on January 10, 2018.