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Feeling burnt out, demotivated, or struggling to maintain work-life balance?  We’ve already helped hundreds of lawyers to take control of their work and personal life and grow personally and professionally. AwareHealth’s premium platform is designed by world-class mental health professionals to provide expert guidance and connect you to a community of legal professionals across the country.

AwareHealth, a fully anonymous well-being platform specialized in helping lawyers, is now offering D.C. Bar members “Free 1-Year Membership” for a limited time.  Holder of this membership is entitled to: (1) Exclusive workshops that focus on topics that concern lawyers the most, such as “Is Lawyering Inherently Stressful?”;  (2) Weekly therapy-grade exercises designed by experts based on evidence to improve your mental health; and (3) Access to a  community of lawyers, all in a user-friendly app, which you can easily access from your mobile devices. 

This free 1-year trial is valid for a limited time only, so claim your offer now with access code: “DCBar”. Get started today!

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