Communities Program/Event Proposal Response

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Thank you for your interest in planning a D.C. Bar Communities Program/Event.

Your proposal has been submitted and received. Note: A staff member will be in contact with you to obtain additional information to finalize your proposed program/event. This is not a complete event until your program details have been confirmed with a Program Attorney. Please email us if you have any questions.


The Communities Office


Please read and become familiar with the Communities Office Program Planning Policies below:

1. For maximum marketing exposure of a D.C. Bar program, the proposal should be submitted to the Communities Office six (6) weeks before the program date. This includes one (1) email a month out from the program date and a second email one (1) week before the program date.

2. Please make sure that the program/event proposal has all the information needed to plan and market your program.

3. To prevent a delayed start time of the program, all handouts and PowerPoints are due at least one (1) week before the day of your program. Failure to submit within the time frame may result in distribution of materials after the program.

4. Please make sure you include any additional program materials and details at the time you submit your request proposal to prevent a delay in marketing and planning of your program.

5. All programs are "On the Recorded", exceptions MUST be approved by the Communities Office.

If you have any questions before you submit your proposal, please contact the Communities Office at 202-626-3463, or email us.

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