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Textblock Properties

After selecting Formatted Text Block or Formatted Text Block (without header) from the Text Elements section of the Element Gallery dialog, click the Element Tool icon and select Layout to open the Textblock Properties dialog. If the current page uses style sheets, CommonSpot displays the following dialog:

If you are not using style sheets, CommonSpot displays this dialog:

CommonSpot displays fewer options when you are using style sheets because a style sheet can control alignment.

Check the box labeled “Permit rich-text editing” to allow enhanced flexibility in the creation and presentation of the text block. An Element that was created as a Formatted Text Block can be changed to Simple Text Block a by unchecking the Permit rich-text editing box. Likewise, you can change an Element created as a Simple Text Block to a Formatted Text Block by checking the Permit rich-text editing box.

Click the Advanced button to open the Advanced Textblock Properties dialog.

You can also manage the available options from the Rich Text Block Default Properties dialog accessed from the Site Administration page located in the Administrator Guide.


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