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Select Render Mode - Manual Ordering

The dialog displays when you choose to manually select existing records (content reuse) for Element output. Access this dialog from Select Rendering Mode.In this dialog you will build the list of records that you want displayed on the page, in the order you wish to display them. Note when you first open this dialog the list will be empty. You will need to populate the list with the element records you want displayed..

Click the Find Record(s) link in the footer to open up another dialog which will allow you find search and find the records you want to add. As you select those records, either one at a time or multiple at a time, they are appended to the end of the list and displayed in this dialog.

You can then position them in the desired order by simply dragging them. Or you can select multiple items, and click the Move Selected Items icon. This will move the selected items below the row containing the clicked Move Selected Items icon.

Records that you want to remove from the list can be deleted by clicking the red icon . icon on the row, or you can select multiple records and click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go. Note however if you are working with a Global Custom Element you also may see a trash can icon. This icon allows you to permanently delete the element record, versus removing it from your manual list. Be careful not to confuse the two.

Search for additional records to add by selecting Find Records and redisplay filtering options



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