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Page Index Properties

After selecting Page Index from the Link and List Elements section of the Element Gallery dialog, click the ghost text “Click here to define the Page Index element” or click the Element Tool icon and select Filter to open the Page Index Properties dialog.

Standard Tab

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The selections above and in the advanced tab provide powerful flexibility for determining which results to display.

Categorization, Sorting & Description Options

If an option you select means that the CommonSpot cannot cache the page index Element, CommonSpot displays the following warning:

Advanced Tab

Click on the Advanced Tab to view the Advanced Expression Builder, as displayed below. Many of the fields on the Standard tab are replaced with fields for setting criteria that must be met before returning results. Criteria can include custom metadata and complex selectors.

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In the Advanced options, the normal expression builder allows the author to select a field on the left-hand side of the equation and compare it to a fixed value on the right-hand side.

Selecting Expiration Date from the Field dropdown prompts you to select the Show Expired Pages.

Alternatively, clicking the expression control on the right-hand side displays the Enter ColdFusion Expression dialog for comparing the field with the contents of a ColdFusion variable at page load time.

When CommonSpot renders the page containing the Page Index Element, the current value of the ColdFusion variable is evaluated. The example below filters for pages published later than 01-01-2011.

See Custom Render Handlers for more information.

You can also limit results to exclude the current page, exclude pages with a future publication date, display private pages, display expired pages, and limit results to only those pages with See-Also references.

Click on the Standard tab to return to the Standard view. Click Save to keep your advanced filtering selections. Review the results of the filtering process, and optionally click Clear to remove your selections.


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