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Page Index Layout Properties

After selecting Page Index from the Link & List Elements section of the Element Gallery dialog, click the Element Tool icon and select Layout to open the Page Index Layout Properties dialog. CommonSpot provides eight different layout properties, seven of which that are standard and one that allows further customization.

The first seven are those most often used. However, in the event that a particular layout does not exist, CommonSpot provides a Custom Layout option that allows the user to set the layout options from the list available. Clicking on the thumbnail image for the “Custom via parameters” option will open the Page Index Rendering Properties dialog, in which you can select from various display options.

If the available layout options do not fulfill your exact look and feel, you can create a Custom Element render handler. The Custom Render Handlers are simple ColdFusion modules that provide customized rendering for a particular Element.

Fields at the bottom of this dialog are:

Click the Advanced button in the lower left corner of the dialog to open the Page Index Advanced Properties dialog, which offers additional layout and formatting options.


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