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Form Submission Results Text

If you selected Forms Action is to display text, CommonSpot displays the Form Submission Results Text dialog. Enter text to display to users on form submission of the Simple Form, if the Simple Form is configured to Display Message on Submission.

After the user submits the Simple Form, CommonSpot reloads the same page; this time, however, the text entered here is displayed. Enter the desired message, typically an indication that the form was successfully submitted, and click Save to return to the Simple Form Element dialog.

Choose Page

Displays when you select Submit to specified page in the New Simple Form Element dialog, CommonSpot displays the Choose Page dialog where you select the page to which users are forwarded when they submit the form.

CommonSpot organizes documents by subsite, making locating the document quick and easy. You can also filter the results using the controls at the top of the page.

Click on the page title, then click Use this Page to save the selection and return to the Simple Form Element dialog.

If you cannot locate this page, click the New Search link. CommonSpot will then display its Quick Find dialog. Information for using this dialog is in the CommonSpot Content Contributor’s Reference.

Click Close to exit without selecting a destination page.


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