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My Images

Use this dialog to view, copy, move, or delete images that you own and to upload new images to your site.

You can upload one or more documents at a time and simultaneously apply metadata to upload batches. This dialog reports the number of uploads in progress and links to your pending image uploads.

See Working with Images and The CommonSpot Image Editor and Gallery for procedural information on including images in your CommonSpot pages.  See Image Elements in the CommonSpot Element Reference for details on creating and managing images.

Click to sort by column head.  Mouseover an item in the Image Filename column for popup preview, as shown below:

The State column indicates status for each image in this report. A lock icon indicates a private image, as shown above; unlock icons indicate public images. You can filter results in the Image Type field. This column also includes user or group ownership status. Mouseover to view owner details.

In the Actions column, clicking the preview icon displays Image Preview, for full-size Image Preview.

Clicking the More Actions icon displays the following options:

Remove individual items by clicking the associated delete icon , or select multiple items, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go. You can optionally select/deselect all.


Click Upload New Image to add a new image to the Image Gallery.


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