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Find Image – Search Results

Choosing Tools - Find Images displays search results for images. Use this dialog to include new images in your pages, or to view, sort, change, or manage existing images. CommonSpot uses a weighted algorithm for retrieving results, assigning more weight to whole word matches, with additional points for keyword or tag matches and search engine score.

Use the Show As and Sort By dropdowns for viewing options, or combine these options to filter results. For example, to quickly view all available images, choose Show As Small Images, as shown below. You can also view results in large image, report, or filmstrip format.

Close the dialog to reset search criteria and rerun the image search.

Mouseover to view larger

Optionally check Auto Preview to preview on mouseover as shown below.

Mouseover to view larger

For each image returned, CommonSpot displays public (available to others) and private (only you can view) status for images, as well as standard format, file size, and dimension information.

Click the preview icon for full-size Image Preview.

Clicking the More Actions icon displays the following options:

Remove individual items by clicking the associated delete icon , or select multiple items, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go. You can optionally select/deselect all.


Click Upload New Image to add a new image to the Image Gallery.

Click to select an image. Selections are highlighted.

Click Use Highlighted Image to complete image insertion or selection.


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