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Custom Properties

When standard metadata does not include specific enough information, custom metadata fields added through the CommonSpot Administrator can capture important details for use in determining which content is displayed on a page. From the Properties menu, choose Custom Properties to edit custom metadata for the current page.

You can also view or modify these options by clicking the Metadata & Security icon for selected items in CommonSpot search results and reports.

If custom metadata has been created for the current page, the appropriate metadata fields display in the Custom Properties dialog, prompting the page creator to enter the information requested. In addition to the ability to bind custom metadata to subsites, templates and page categories, it is also possible to bind metadata to document types, render handlers, image files and external URLs, extending the ways in which you can reuse content. Metadata fields can be grouped for easier entry, fields can be set to have default values, and can be joined so that values from an existing field can be reused.

If custom metadata is bound to external URLs or image files, for example, then additional dialogs display for entering of these fields upon upload of the external URL or image file. There are a great many ways in which custom metadata can be employed in order to efficiently reuse and personalize content.

Note: Find full details on creating and binding custom metadata in the CommonSpot Administrator’s Reference.


Click Save to keep your changes, Cancel to exit without saving.


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