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Social Media URL Shorteners

Shorter URLs are easier to share, tweet, or email. This release of CommonSpot supports automated URL shortening through

Enable this option to automatically convert URLs in your social media communications and track clicks and referrers to short URLs through the service.

Access this dialog from Site Admin - URL Shorteners to view, enable/disable, or edit attributes for URL Shortener services used at your site. You must first activate the service as described in Setting Up URL Shortening.

Click to sort by Name, or Access or Registration status.

Green check marks indicate active registration status and access rights. Both are required to automatically generate short social media URLs through CommonSpot. Once registration is complete and access granted, you can click to enable/disable. If registration is complete but CommonSpot access is not, a grayed out check mark displays in the Access column. Clicking this icon activates theURL service request for Commonspot access.

Click the edit icon in the Actions column to view, enter, or modify registration attributes for this service. See Edit Social Media URL Shorteners.


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