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Sometimes Dynamic Elements

The following element types will make a page 'auto-dynamic' in the cases described.

Element Type/Description

All Elements

If a render handler is selected that does not support caching.

If element-level security assigned to the element doesn't allow 'anonymous' access.

If an error is thrown while rendering the element.

All Elements that support Scheduling: Scheduled Element, Image Grid, Link Bar, Bulleted List, Popup Menu

If scheduling is configured to occur based on Groups, Browser and other targets, or variable comparisons.



If the 'current date/time' is selected and you choose to display the time.

When 'last user login' is selected.


Custom Script Element

If the Custom Script element is not marked as static.


Page Index & Custom Element

If the 'random' option is selected in the Layout Properties dialog.

Filter using Query-by-Example Fields.

If an expression used in the Advanced tab for a Custom Element Rendering Mode is NOT marked as being cacheable.


Search Form

When no results page is selected.

When the option to display selected subsites is selected.


Link Bar

When displaying subsite hierarchy.



If the element is configured to use the 'dynamic render' option.


Web Process

If the element is configured to refresh every time.


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