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Site General Security

Expand the Security section in the left panel of the Site Administration Dashboard and click General Security to access this dialog. Use Site General Security to view, assign, or change site-level administrative rights for users and groups.

Most General Security privileges provide "Manage"-level access to specific CommonSpot content types such as Elements, Images, Saved Searches, full-text search collections, etc.

Click to sort by user or group type, name, or current permissions.

In the Actions column, click the edit icon to display the Add Site Permissions dialog in edit mode for viewing or changing current permissions for the selected user or group.

Individually remove users or groups by clicking the delete icon, or select multiple users or groups, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, and click Go.

Click Add User(s) to display Site General Security - Add Users or Add Group(s) to access Site General Security - Add Groups to select contributors for site security assignments.


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