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Simple Forms

Use this dialog to view simple forms in use at your site, and to review reponse rates and usage.

Access this view of Simple Forms by expanding Elements & Forms in the left column of the Site Administration Dashboard and clicking Simple Forms. For all simple forms currently in use at your site, this dialog displays form name, owner, usage count, type, and the date the form was last updated. The Records column displays the number of simple form submissions - the number of records generated by simple form use.

Click to sort by column head, or search for simple forms by entering criteria in the Name field, picking from the dropdown, and clicking the Filter button.

Clicking an item in the Usage column displays the Simple Form Usage dialog with status information for the page containing the simple form.

The edit icon displays for forms not bound to CommonSpot objects. Use the Edit Properties dialog to view or change the form name.

You can optionally delete simple forms not bound to a CommonSpot Element. Deleting a simple form permanently deletes all data associated with it, unbinds any simple form Elements that reference it, and deletes any Datasheet views that reference it. Click the associated delete icon .

At the page level, create new Simple Forms by selecting the Simple Form Element from Miscellaneous Elements. You can also create or modify a Custom Element of this type through Manage Elements. See New Custom Element.


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