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Server Information

Server Information displays the current server license key and other parameters in effect for this CommonSpot server instance. The dialog contains information entered during CommonSpot installation and typically changes for configuration updates only, for example, when you migrate CommonSpot to a new machine or reassign ports.

Access this dialog by expanding Configuration from the Server Administration dashboard and clicking Server Information.

See the CommonSpot Installation Guide for details.

Note: Changes to this dialog modify configuration settings for the entire server. Changes may not take effect until you restart ColdFusion.

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Server Information contains the following fields.

Server License: Displays the server license downloaded, activated, and registered when you installed CommonSpot Server. This value only changes for server migration or change in server purpose, such as converting from a development to a production environment, or other circumstance that requires PaperThin to issue new CommonSpot keys.

Server Name: Required. Displays or changes the current CommonSpot Server name. This name cannot include spaces, dashes, or underscores.

Server IP Address: Required. Displays or changes the address of the CommonSpot Server. Enter the IP address or alias for this serverIn general, it is good practice to specify a server alias instead of an IP Address so that later network changes do not affect CommonSpot processing. The example above references a private network.

Port: Required. Displays or changes the HTTP port configured for CommonSpot Server. Typically Port 80. Enter any valid HTTP port number.

Proxy Server Address: Optional. For sites using a proxy server, displays or changes the proxy server IP address or alias. CommonSpot Elements, for example, the Web Process Element, may use this address for Web requests.

Proxy Server Port: Required if the Proxy Server Address field is defined for sites using a proxy server. Displays or changes the HTTP port.

Date/Time Settings: Displays the format CommonSpot Server currently uses to display date/time. Click Change to modify date/time format for a new locale. The Date/Time Settings dialog displays.

ColdFusion Administrator URL: Required. Displays or changes the fully qualified address of the Coldfusion Administration module CommonSpot uses to create data sources, mappings, and ColdFusion parameters.


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