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Paste Options Tab

The Paste Options tab gives you control over how contributors paste content into the Rich Text Editor. Use this dialog to simplify text entry for contributors by setting policy that supports best or most common practices.

Note: For security reasons, both Chrome and Mozilla-based browsers disallow cut, copy, and paste operations unless you configure the browser to explicitly grant JavaScript access to the Clipboard through clipboard helper extensions.

For authoring in Firefox, Rich Text Editor (RTE) cut-and-paste operations require the Mozilla Clipboard Helper.

For authoring in Chrome, Rich Text Editor (RTE) cut-and-paste operations require PaperThin’s Chrome Extension. When not installed, CommonSpot automatically prompts users to download and install on first use. Note for IIS sites: This requires registering the Chrome extension MIME type application/x-chrome-extension (.crx).

For both browsers, clipboard functions are active after browser restart. To avoid the interruption this may cause, contributors should create a sample instance of cut-and-paste in the RTE to invoke the download in advance of using the clipboard for actual content creation and modification.

Also note that Safari allows right-click clipboard operations only. The Rich Text Editor (RTE) cut, copy, and paste controls are unavailable to Safari users.

See Clipboard Operations in the Contributor's Reference for details on browser installation.

In addition to automatically downloading PaperThin’s Chrome Extension clipboard helper, and providing supporting information for Firefox users, CommonSpot gives you options for handling browsers that are not configured to allow cut, copy, or paste, as described below.

Select default paste and cleanup actions, then optionally enable additional paste options for the Rich Text Editor.

Default Paste Action | Default Cleanup Action - You can allow or deny contributors the ability to paste formatted, unformatted, and rendered html code (with tag delimiter characters < > escaped so they won't be interpreted as HTML by the user's browser). You can also allow or force removal of class and style attributes from pasted html code, and allow or force removal of pasted html <font> tags. Pick from the dropdowns for the policy that works best for your site.

Paste Options Dialog - Check Invoke the 'Paste Options' dialog when content is pasted into the RTE to display the additional options shown above for handling the Paste function. CommonSpot applies the Clipboard Security Handling you select when it detects that the browser restricts access to the clipboard.

Clipboard Security Handling - Based on the Cleanup Action, CommonSpot can present the contributor with an "options" dialog after pasting content into the RTE. The options dialog gives users choices on how pasted content should be handled. Certain browsers restrict access to the clipboard, which can prevent this operation.

CommonSpot supports three ways to handle Command/CTRL-V and Paste Toolbar button actions:

Text Replacements - You can use the text field in the Text Replacements section to specify freeform regular expression replacements for all pasted content. On each line, enter a search string and corresponding replacement string, separated by a tilde ~. Searches are case-insensitive and global (all instances found will be replaced). If no replacement string is provided, all instances of the search string are deleted (replaced by nothing). JavaScript regular expression syntax may be used for the search and replacement strings.

Note: Changes to regular expressions execute before options to remove class, style, and fonts. Therefore, if you have a regular expression to change values in all of the style attributes when content is pasted into a text block, and then you check an option to remove style or class attributes, the regular expression changes will not matter because the entire style attribute will be removed.


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