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New Base Template

Click Add New Base Template in the Base Templates dialog. The New Base Template dialog prompts for information necessary to register a new Base Template. Complete the following fields to create a new Base Template. This dialog displays in edit mode for existing Base Templates.

Template Category - Select the category for the new template in the Template Gallery dialog. You must have Create Page/Templates Categories permissions, assigned through General Security Permissions to see the New option for creating template categories. Choosing this option displays the Add Category dialog for organizing templates at your site.

Template Name - Provide a unique name for the Template.

Description - Provide a brief description for the template and its purpose.

ColdFusion Template Filename - Provide a template filename.

Note: Do not include this file's path information, as the path that CommonSpot uses is relative to the current subsite.

Public - If checked, the template does not appear in the Template Gallery dialog.

Note: Unlike pages which can have same title in a different subsite with the (index for example), you cannot copy templates to another subsiteand use the same name. Templates must have unique names.


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