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Import New Taxonomy

To import existing taxonomies, CommonSpot accepts XML formatted documents conforming to the XML Specification. On import, CommonSpot validates conformity to this standard, and, in the case of failure, attempts to identify the reason and generate a report.

CommonSpot installs with a sample XML taxonomy.

Import a new taxonomy by clicking Import Taxonomy in the Manage Taxonomy dialog.

Import a taxonomy update by selecting Import Taxonomy from the edit menu for the selected taxonomy in the Manage Taxonomy dialog.

The Import New Taxonomy dialog displays.

This dialog has the following options:

Importing a new version of an existing taxonomy overwrites the current version, but maintains associations between CommonSpot data and taxonomy terms. Use the Manage Removed Terms dialog to recreate or delete associations that break as a result of import or manual updates affecting associations.

Once the import is complete, a dialog similar to the following displays, listing the number of terms, facets, annotations, relationships, and data-associated terms:


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